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Maxtech SI8706 Two Component Dielectric Silicone Rubber Sealant Gel for Electrical Junction Box

Product Description

SI8706 is two-component transparent self-healing silicone gel, when cured it will become elastomer with buffer and self-recovery property. Used to isolate moisture and other noxious pollutant from contacting the circuit board, also used as dielectric of high voltage. The other usage is stress relief for protecting circuit and interconnect devices from high temperature and mechanical stress.

∎Key Features

  1. 1:1 addition type, good adhesive strength and self-healing 

  2. High elongation, excellent flexibility for mechanical stress relieving

  3. Low oil penetration after cured, good anti-poisoning property

  4. Good dielectric in high temperature for high voltage protection 

  5. Excellent aging resistance and weatherability 

  6. Excellent waterproof, corrosion prevention, moisture-proof and chemical media resistance

∎Typical Applications

Used for encapsulation of various modules, semi-conductor, IGBT, automotive ECU module, IC chip, weighing sensor, waterproof connector.

Two components soft blue silicone gel for junction box potting
transparency silicone gel for potting l
Electrical Insulating Liquid Silicone Gel for Electronic Potting
Liquid Silicone Gel For Electronics
Cable Junction Box Silicone Gel
PV Junction Box Potting Silicones
Two-component silicone gel
Electrical Encapsulating Potting Gel Seal Compound
China Two-Part Electronic Potting Silicone

∎Technical Data Table

PROPERTY       STANDARD/UNITS                     VALUE of SI8706

     ----                           ----                                PART A                            PART B

Material                        ----                               Polysiloxane                      Hydrogen polysiloxane

Color                     Visual inspection                 Light Blue.Colorless Liquid        Colorless Liquid

Viscosity                25°C, cps                                 1100                                   1200

Density                  25°C, g/cm3                             0.99                                       0.99

Mixture/mass ratio     ----                                               A:B=100:100

Viscosity of mixture   25°C, cps                                         1100

Operation time           25°C, min                                         10~15

Fixture Time              25°C, min                                          70

Cure condition               ----                                                25℃, 30-60mins or 80℃, 10mins

Cured appearance          ----                                            Transparent gel

Penetration                     1/10mm                                          65

Dielectric strength        KV/mm                                             25

Volume resistance        DC500V, ohm-cm                            1.0×1015

Loss factor                    1 MHz                                              <0.001

Dielectric constant        1 MHz                                                  2.8

Application temperature    °C                                                  -60~260


Note:All above data were tested under standardized conditions or tested by further experiments.

How to use ?
  1. Mix Part A and Part B by 1:1 mass ratio, after evenly mixed, pouring directly into the components or modules as per requirements.

  2. Still the potted component to let out the bubbles. It can be heat cured, about 10mins in 80°C. It needs about 30~60mins cured under room temperature.

  3. Vacuum defoaming can improve the performance of cured product.

  4. Seal the remaining products tightly after use.

  5. Low temperature will slow the curing speed; heat curing is recommended.

  6. It's hard for SI8706 to cure if contact with sulfur, amine or Sn


Packing Specification

  1. ●Part A—10 KG/Bucket

  2. ●Part B—10 KG/ Bucket

∎Transport &Storage

● When stored at or below 25°C in the original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production. A sampling test is necessary for products that exceed shelf life before taking use.

It’s non-dangerous goods, can be transported as normal chemicals, CAUTION leakage during transport.

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