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Lubricating Grease & Lubricating Oil

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Maxtech provides Lubricating Grease & Lubricating Oil 

Gasoline Engine Oil

Diesel Engine Oil 

Industrial Diesel Engine Oil ( Long life excavator special oil,  Antiwear hydraulic oil, Hydraulic transmission fluid)

Lubricating Grease (Vehicle grease, Bearing grease, general-purpose grease, Metallurgical grease, Special grease.)

Premium quality &service ensures Maxtech successfully and quickly develops.

Maxtech lubricating oil , compression, refrigerating oil

Applicable to fully enclosed, semi-enclosed and open type refrigeration compressor and other types

It is suitable for lubrication of gas compressor in oil refinery, oil and gas field, coking plant, mine, compressed natural gas and other industries

lubricating grease
lubricating grease
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