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Waterproofing Materials 

Maxtech Supply the waterproofing coating and waterproofing tapes helps to solve the waterproofing problem.

●Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating 

●Acrylic Waterproofing Coating

●MS Waterproofing Coating 

●Butyl Waterproofing Tapes

Polyurethane Waterproof coating

Polyurethane waterproof coating is an isocyanate group-containing prepolymer formed by addition polymerization of isocyanate, polyether, etc., with catalyst, anhydrous additives, anhydrous fillers, solvents, etc., processed by mixing and other processes One-component polyurethane waterproof coating.

PU waterproof coating is reactive curing (moisture curing) coating, which has the characteristics of high strength, large elongation, and good water resistance. The ability to adapt to the deformation of the grassroots is strong. Polyurethane waterproof coating is a one-component environmentally friendly waterproof coating for liquid construction. It is based on imported polyurethane prepolymer and has no additives such as tar and asphalt. It is cured after exposure to moisture in the air, forming a strong and tough, jointless integral film on the surface of the base layer. 

This waterproofing membrane coating is an ideal long-term solution. Unlike conventional roofing systems, it forms a completely seamless membrane on the roof and incorporates details with ease, and cures in just 24 hours. The Fibretex liquid applied component provides waterproofing for upstands and detailing work.

PU waterproof coating
PU waterproof coating
Polyurethane waterproofing coating
Polyurethane waterproofing coating
Polyurethane waterproofing coating367443

Product Description

PU-110 is One component reactive moisture-curing one-component Odorless polyurethane with excellent elastic waterproof material. waterproofing solution for refurbishment and new build structures.

Key Features

● Odorless, Eco-friendly, No Harm to the Builder;

● Excellent Waterproof, Best Sealing, Bright Color;

● Resistant to Oil, Acid, Alkali, Puncture, Chemical Corrosion;

● Single Component, Self-leveling, Easy to Use, Convenient Operation;

● 800%+ Elongation, Super-bonding without Crack;

●  Resistance to Tear, Shifting, Settlement Joint.

Typical Applications

● Waterproofing and moisture proofing for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, roof, and so on;

● Anti-seepage of the reservoir, water tower, water tank, swimming pool, bath, fountain pool, sewage treatment pool, and drainage irrigation channel;

● Leak-proofing and anti-corrosion for ventilated basement, underground tunnel, deep well and underground pipe and so on;

●  Bonding and moisture proofing of all kinds of tiles, marble, wood, asbestos, and so on;

Technical Data Sheet

Main raw material: Polyurethane

Color:                      Black, White, Blue, Grey, Customized

Density:                   1.35±0.1g/cm3

Flowability:            Self-leveling

Tack free time:        8hrs

Curing speed :        3~5mm/ 24hrs

Hardness:                20 Shore A

Tensile strength:       2MPa

Elongation at Break: >800%

Solid Content:              95%

Application temperature: 5~35°C

Service temperature:       -40~90°C

Shelf life:                   9 months

Directions for Use

Preparation for Operation:

● Tools :The serrated plastic board, brush, plastic barrels, 30Kg electronics, rubber gloves and cleaning tools like blade .etc

● Environmental requirements:The temperature is 5~35 C and the humidity is 35 ~ 85%RH

● Cleaning:The substrate surface must be solid, dry, and be clean. Such as no dust, grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, water repellent, curing agent,

isolating agent, and film. Surface cleaning can be dealt with by removing, cutting, grinding, cleaning, blowing, and so on.

● If there are cracks on the substrate surface, the first step is to fill them, and the surface should be leveled. Operation after the sealant curing more than 3mm.

●Theoretical dosage: 1.0mm thick, 1.3 Kg /㎡coating needed.



First Step

Brushing the part like a corner, tubes root, then symmetrical scraping. The thickness of the coating is generally 0.5mm. (Avoid bubble). When operation, It should be considered about the size, shape, and environment of the construction area.

Second Step

Symmetrical scraping when the coating is completely solidified (about 12 hours later). The thickness of the coating should be 0.7mm, and the direction of smearing should be perpendicular to the first time. The specific operation is the same as the first step.

Third Step

Symmetrical scraping when the coating is completely solidified (about 12 hours later). The direction of smearing should be perpendicular to the second time. The specific operation is the same as the first step. The operation times depends on the

design thickness, the overall thickness is 2.0-2.2mm


After application


If necessary, a proper protective layer can be operated on the surface of the coating.

Tools Cleaning :

It can be soaked in toluene or xylene. It is strictly forbidden to immerse in alcohol and other alcohol solvents. If it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned immediately with alcohol or other organic solvents. The cured glue can only be

scraped or torn off.

Attention of operation

● Don’t mix alcohol into the product, it will cause the product invalid. The tools with alcohol can’t be used before cleaning well.

● Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with your skin, scrub first with soap water, or alcohol, then rinse with water. If contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical treatment immediately.

● It is forbidden to build on the surface of the wet substrate.

●Transportation: Avoid, damp, high temperature, isolation, and rain, far away from heat, handle with care, and prohibit extrusion collision.

● Tools Cleaning: It can be soaked in toluene or xylene. It is strictly forbidden to immerse in alcohol and other alcohol solvents. If it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned immediately with alcohol or other organic solvents. The cured glue can only be scraped or torn off.

Transport &Storage

● Transport: Keep the sealed product away from moisture, the sun, high temperature, and avoid collisions.

● Storage: Keep the sealed product in a cool, dry place.

● Storage temperature: 5~25℃. Humidity: ≤50%RH.

●Cartridge and Sausage:9 months. Pail/Drum:6 months.

More information, TDS is here, please check.

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