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TDS of Automotive Industry Sealant
Automotive TDS
Automotive Bonding Adhesive
PU1610      8 Mpa Special Type Auto Glass Polyurethane Adhesive 
PU1612       High Tensile Strength Odorless primerless PU Adhesive
PU1611       High Bonding Auto Glass Polyurethane Adhesive
Automotive Sealing Sealant
PU1635        Odorless Polyurethane Adhesive for Windscreen
PU1636        Odorless primerless windscreen adhesive system for direct glazing
PU1630       One Component Automobile Polyurethane Adhesive
PU1631       One Component Windshield Polyurethane Adhesive
PU1730       General Purpose PU Adhesive For Auto Windshield
PU1731       Multipurpose Polyurethane Sealant For Auto Windscreen
Quick Cured Auto Glass Adhesive Sealant
PU1630A      Quick Cure Auto Glass Polyurethane Adhesive
PU1630F       High viscosity odorless Fast Cured windscreen adhesive 
Sheet Metal Sealant / Car body & bus body Sealant
PU1812       Polyurethane Sheet Metal Sealant
PU1813      Multi-purpose Polyurethane Sheet Metal Adhesive 
PU1814       Modified Polyether Sealant For Sheet Metal 
TDS of Construction Industry Sealant
Construction Sealant TDS
Self-leveling PU joint Sealant for airport running way / highway / pavement
PU-310      One Component Polyurethane Elastic Joint Material
PU-360     Self-leveling Polyurethane Expansion Joint Sealant
Paste State PU joint Sealant
PU-321      Single Component Polyurethane Construction Sealant
PU-330      Low Modulus Polyurethane Construction Sealant 
PU-322     Single Component High Modulus Polyurethane Construction Sealant 
PU-323     Single Component UV Resistance Polyurethane Construction Sealant
PU-340     UV Resistance Weather proof  Construction Polyurethane Sealant
 Waterproofing Coating for Construction roof / wall
PU-110     Polyurethane elastic waterproof coating material
MS-190     MS elastic waterproof coating material
SA-130     Modified Acrylic elastic waterproof coating material
TDS of Butyl Waterproofing Tapes
T10   Butyl Waterproofing Tape, Outdoor Waterproof Leak Repair Tape 
Waterproofing Tapes TDS
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