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Maxtech SI8295  RTV / Heat Cured Flame retardant Silicone Potting Adhesive 

Product Description

S8295A/B is a two-component addition cured silicone potting compound that can be cured at room temperature and heating. After curing, it will form an insulating soft and elastic rubber elastomer, which can protect circuit boards, electronic appliances or other potting Sealing and protecting objects, stable use in harsh environments, resistance to high temperature and moisture, and continuous protection of thermal conductivity and flame retardant insulation.

∎Key Features

  1. ●Two-component addition type silicone rubber

  2. ●Low curing shrinkage

  3. ●Excellent high-temperature electrical insulation and stability

  4. ●Good adhesion after heating and curing, the longer the heat curing, the better the adhesion

  5. ●Good waterproof and moisture resistance

  6. ● Good Flame retardant

∎Typical Applications

●The stator of the generator;

●Power vacuum circuit breaker;

●Magnetic induction coil; ceramic electrode;

●Automotive electronics, power control module;

●Photovoltaic junction box, photovoltaic inverter

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∎Technical Data Table

PROPERTY       STANDARD/UNITS                     VALUE of SI8295

     ----                           ----                                PART A                            PART B

Material                        ----                               Polysiloxane                      Hydrogen polysiloxane

Color                     Visual inspection               White viscous liquid       Red viscous liquid

Viscosity                25°C, cps                           7500                                         1000

Density                  25°C, g/cm3                          1.58                                        1.28

Mixture/mass ratio     ----                                               A:B=100:10

Viscosity of mixture   25°C, cps                                     4000<