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High Temperature Thermally Conductive Two Component Epoxy Potting Compound Sealant Ep6113

Product Description

Ep6113 is is a two-component solventless, room temperature curing epoxy potting material for automotive, automotive electronics, power tools, reactors, instruments with high thermal conductivity requirements of the product package protection, and has excellent adhesion and heat resistance.


●For encapsulation of electric products which require high thermal conductivity and heat resistance, such as motors, electric reactor, electric tools, instrumentation, automotive electronics etc.

Technical Data Table


Appearance Visual inspection Black fluid Transparent liquid

Viscosity 25°C, cps 20,000±3,000 25

Density 25°C, g/cm3 2.35±0.05 0.93±0.05

Mixture ratio Mass ratio A:B=100:8

Viscosity of mixture 25°C, cps 2,000±300

Density of Mixture 25°C, g/cm3 1.1~1.13

Operation time 25°C, min 40

Preliminary Cured 60°C, min 60

Hardness Shore D 90

Thermal conductivity W/mK 1.3

Expansion coefficient μm/(m, °C) 20

Glass transition temperature DSC, °C 95

Shear strength MPa, Fe/FeMPa, Al/Al ≥8≥8

Dielectric strength kV/mm, 25°C ≥18

Loss factor (1MHz)(25℃) 0.09

Dielectric constant 1MHz, 25°C 2.9

Volume resistance DC500V, ohm-cm 1.00E +15

Application temperature °C -50~180


Thermally Conductive Epoxy Potting Compound Sealant

Color: Black
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