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Two Component 3.0 W/m.K  High Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Adhesive Sealant

Product Description

●SI8230 is two-component silicone based thermal conductive potting adhesive. It is with Thermally Conductive, two parts, low viscosity potting compound that cures at room temperature to a soft pliable rubber. Will cure in deep sections. Designed to achieve primerless adhesion to many substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

 It has a good fluidity after mixing, can vulcanize to deep layer in room temperature. The operation time can be adjusted according to the temperature. Used to potting protection of varied heat dissipation and temperature resistance components. Fully compliant with RoHS and SVHC REACH standard.


8230 thermally conductive silicone encapsulants can be used in potting applications to dissipate heat away from a component to a suitable heat sink. They also provide protection from harsh environments, vibration and thermal shock. Addition cure silicones provide deep section cure allowing for complete encapsulation for environmental protection whilst maintaining an effective heat path.


●Used for encapsulation of various modules, automotive module, LED Power driver modules, Solar panel junction box, EV charging column module, Lithium battery pack, Capacitor banks, Magnetic induction coils, Power inverters, etc.


Technical Data Table

Color    Visual inspection    White / black viscous liquid    White viscous liquid

Viscosity, cps , 25℃    GB/T 10247-2008    2500±500    2300±500
Density,,g/cm3, 25℃    GB/T 15223-1994    1.63±0.05    1.63±0.05
Mixture ratio    Weight Ratio    A:B = 100:100
Viscosity of mixture,4#rotor,cps , 25℃    GB/T 10247-2008    2500±500
Operation time,mins , 25℃    GB/T 10247-2008    50±10
Tack free, mins, 25℃    GB/T 10247-2008    90±20
Cure condition    GB/T 10247-2008    25℃/3-5 hr or  80℃/ 30mins
Characteristics after curing
Cured appearance    Visual inspection    Gray, white or black elastomer
Hardness, Shore A    GB/T 531-2008    55±5
Thermal conductivity,W/mK    GB/T 10297-1998   3.0
Linear expansion,K-1,ppm    HGT 2625-1994    230
Dielectric strength ,kV/mm, 25℃    GB/T 1695-2005    ≥15
Volume resistance,DC 500V, Ω·CM    GB/T 1692-92    1.1×1014
Loss factor(1 MHz)    GB/T 1693-2007    0.009
Dielectric constant(1 MHz)    GB/T 1693-2007    3.00
Application temperature,  ℃    GBT 20028-2005    - 50 ∽ 250
Flame resistance    UL-94    V-0

3.0 W/m.K High Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Sealant

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