Maxtech PU1814  Car Body Sheet Metal Modified polyether sealant 


●PU1814 is one component room temperature moisture curing modified polyether sealant, with excellent sealing performance and excellent cohesion, no corrosive to the substrate to adhere, no pollution to the environment, good adhesion to metal and other substrates.

Sealing and bonding of ventilation ducts, gutters and spouts etc. Sealing of sheet metal seams; For vibration reduction in all type of sheet metal assembly works

∎Key Features



●Excellent thixotropy, non-sag properties

●Excellent adhesion and wear-resisting property

●Cold application

●One-component formulation

●Excellent extrudability, easy for raked joint operation

●Solvent-free, environmental protection

●Paintable and polishable 


∎Areas of Application

● Mainly used for welding seam and sealing of automobile, railway passenger cars, ships, cold storage container, van body of the refitted vehicle, etc.

● Waterproof, dustproof sealing of refrigerated container, construction and pipe.

● For vehicle sheet metal repairing, aluminum gusset and bodywork sealing.

● The body of sheet metal, weld, box seal, roof, machinery, air-conditioning fan groove joints and other parts of the bonding and sealing; most of the plastic parts (such as ABS, PVC) bonding and sealing.

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