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Shanghai Maxtech Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of PU Adhesive Sealant, Silicone Sealant, MS polymer sealant, Waterproofing coating & Waterproofing tape, and lubricating grease. The products are mainly used in industrial areas such as automotive, machinery, Ship, and construction.  For Example, the windshield, bus glass, metal sheet, tunnels, airports running way and high speedway house decoration, roof, wall, electronic component and furniture, and so on.   


With more than 10 years of effort & premium quality, And we have won the approval of domestic and international customers. Especially in Southeast Asia, South America, North America, and Africa


Maxtech PU adhesive sealant for the automotive industry


Car/bus front and rear windshield bonding and sealing: high strength & high bonding type: PU1611, PU1612, PU1610

Sheet metal, car body bonding and sealing: weather-resistant, temperature-resistant weld sealant, PU1813, PU1814, PU1812, MS1220

After-sales maintenance market: general-purpose products PU1730, PU1731, fast drive away type: PU1630A, PU1630F

Odorless PU adhesive Sealant can be used for auto windshield bonding & sealing: PU1635, PU1636


Our mission: Make every customer satisfied with our products and services.

Choose MAX TECH, a trusted long-term partner.

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