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SI8125T Clear  Waterproof Two Component  LED Strip Silicone Potting Adhesive

Product Description

SI8125A/B is used in potting protection of varied components. It can vulcanize to deep layer. The two components have a good fluidity after mixing. The operation time can be adjusted with the proportion of hardener part B. It can bond well with most materials without using any primer. It can be used to fix the accessories to resist water, dust and leakage of electricity.


Typical Applications

Used for Automotive electronics, modules like Power control modules, Solar modules, Junction box, LED spotlight, Wall washer light, Strip lights, LED fluorescent lamp, etc

----    ----    8125T    8125M    8125W    8125W-1    8125B    8125T    8125
Color    Visual inspection    Colorless transparent fluid    Matte transparent white fluid    White fluid    White low viscosity fluid    Black fluid    Colorless fluid    Colorless fluid
Viscosity    25°C, cps    1,300    1,800    3,500    2,100    2,100    50    50
Density    25°C, g/cm3    1.02    1.03    1.18    1.18    1.18    0.98    0.98
Corresponding curing agent (Part B)    8125T    8125T    8125    8125    8125    ---    ---
Mixture/mass ratio    ----    A:B=100: (10±3)
Viscosity of mixture    25°C, cps    1,000    1,000    2,300    1,500    1,500    ---    ---
Operation time    25°C, min    40    40    40    50    40    ---    ---
        The operation time can be adjusted with the proportion of hardener part B.
Surface hardening time, min    70~180
Characteristics after curing
Cured appearance    ----    Colorless transparent elastomer    Matte white elastomer    White elastomer
    White elastomer    Black elastomer    ---    ---
Hardness    Shore A    21    21    28    15    12    ---    ---
Tensile strength    MPa    1.0    1.0    1.2    1.2    1.2    ---    ---
Shear strength    MPa    0.3    0.3    0.7    0.7    0.7    ---    ---
Loss factor    1 MHz    <0.008
Dielectric strength    kV/mm, 25°C    ≥20
Volume resistance    DC500V, Ω·CM    1.1×1015
Dielectric constant    1 MHz    <3.00
Long-term apply temperature    °C    -50~150


SI8125T Clear Waterproof Two Component LED Strip Silicone Potting Adhesive

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