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S900 Fully synthetic Gasoline engine oil

                           API  SN    SAE 0W-40/0W-30/0W-20



●This product is formulated with the world's most advanced fully synthetic base oil and imported high-performance compound additives. Meet the oil demand of all high-performance gasoline engines.


Key Features

●Excellent low temperature starts performance, make the engine cold start close to zero wear, greatly extending the service life of the engine.

●Excellent cleaning and dispersion performance, no carbon deposits and sludge are generated, keeping the engine clean for a long time.

●Good lubrication performance, and excellent high and low-temperature adaptability, ensure efficient engine power output and effectively reduce fuel consumption.

●High-shear, high-temperature protection can ensure that the oil will not be thermally degraded at high temperatures and prolong the service life of the oil.

●Meet the high-end requirements of the latest RPM environmental reliability measurement.


Areas of Application

●Suitable for all high-performance gasoline engines, suitable for all kinds of racing cars, sports vehicles, luxury cars, and station wagons operating in any environment.

Suitable for naturally aspirated gasoline engines and turbocharged engines. It is recommended for premium sedans, luxury sports cars, and sports off-road SUV models equipped with high-performance gasoline engines.

●Applicable models: BMW 7 Series, M, X6, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Land Rover, Audi A8, TT, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, and other models.



S900 Fully synthetic Gasoline engine oil API SN SAE 0W-40/0W-30/0W-20

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    Light yellow fluid

    Quality grade

    API SN

    Viscosity level


    The oil classification

    Fully synthetic phenotype

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