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S800 Synthetic gasoline engine oil

                        API  SN   SAE 5W-40/5W-30/5W-20




This product is formulated with synthetic base oil and imported high-performance compound additives, which is a high-performance engin Provide excellent protection.



Key Features

●Effectively reduce the working temperature of the engine, reduce friction, reduce noise, and improve vehicle fuel consumption.

●Meet the high-end requirements of the latest RPM environmental reliability measurement.

●The special additive formula protects the environment, meets EPA's air emission requirements, and prolongs the working cycle of the catalyst.

●High-shear/high-temperature protection can ensure that the oil will not be thermally degraded at high temperatures and extend the service life of the oil.

●Meet the oil requirements of famous automakers in most countries in the world.



Areas of Application

●Suitable for high-performance car engines equipped with turbochargers.

Suitable for naturally aspirated gasoline engines and turbocharged engines. It is recommended for medium / advanced sedans equipped with high-performance gasoline engines and sports off-road SUV models.

●Applicable models: GM, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Audi A6/A4/Q5, Volkswagen. 


S800 Synthetic gasoline engine oil

  • Testing Item



    Light yellow fluid

    Quality grade

    API SN

    Viscosity level


    The oil classification

    Synthetic phenotype

    Packing category


    Shelf life



  • ●1L/Pot, 12Pots per Carton

    ●4L/Pot,   6Pots per Carton

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