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S500 High-Performance gasoline engine oil

                                               API  SJ   SAE 5W-30/10W-30/15W-40




This product is blended with high-performance base oil and multifunctional compound additives.



Key Features

●Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, providing lasting protection for the engine.

●Good performance in preventing carbon deposits and harmful sludge deposits.

●Super detergency and dispersion, providing extraordinary protection for multi-valve engines.

●It meets the requirements of API SL/CF specification of American Petroleum Institute and the requirements of JASO MA 2 specification of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Areas of Application

●Suitable for gasoline/diesel/natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas engines, recommended for oil and gas dual-purpose taxis, and also suitable for JASO MA 2 motorcycle engines.

S500 High Performance gasoline engine oil API SJ SAE 5W-30/10W-30/15W-40

  • Testing Item



    Light yellow fluid

    Quality grade

    API SL

    Viscosity level


    The oil classification

    Synthetic phenotype

    Packing category


    Shelf life


  • This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment below 35℃, and the storage period is 5 years below 25℃.

    These products are non-dangerous goods and can be transported as general chemicals. Be careful of leakage during transportation.

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