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PU-24 One Component Polyurethane Wood Floor Adhesive

PU-24 Polyurethane Adhesive for Engineered Wood, Solid Wood, Parquet and Bamboo Flooring


Product Description


PU24 is one component polyurethane construction sealant special for wood floor.

PU-24 Polyurethane Adhesive is manufactured for the installation of engineered wood, solid wood, parquet, and bamboo flooring. Formulated to bond with concrete, plywood, and cement board, this moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive is highly elastomeric, allowing it to adapt to the natural expansion and contraction of wood. 

Key Features

● One-component, moisture cured, convenience of application;

● Good bonding property, with excellent elasticity;

● No solvent, no smell and odor after curing, environment-friendly;

● Excellent sound dampening properties, reduce reflection and noise;

● No corrosion to substrates


Typical Applications

For bonding many types of wooden parquet, strip and sheet wood flooring systems to concrete, wood or over existing floors

Good for bonding wood and wood derivative and paper in the house.

Packing Specification

●Tube        310ml

●Sausage      600ml

●Pail/Drum     20kg/drum, 230kg/drum

20pcs per box; 20kg pail, 36 pails per pallet


Directions for Use

 Cleaning: The substrate surface must be solid, dry and be clean.Such as no dust, grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, water repellent, curing agent, isolating agent and film. Surface cleaning can be dealt with by removing, cutting, grinding, cleaning, blowing, and so on.

 Operation: Put the sealant into the operating tool,then injecting it into the gap.

 Reservation gap: The construction joint will expand as the temperature change,so the surface of the sealant should be lower than 2mm of the pavement after construction.

 About maintenance time: At the standard state, the maintenance time is about 5 hours. It depends on the actual construction conditions. The standard state is that the temperature is 23±2,and the humidity is 55 ± 5%RH.

 Operation Methods: Because the packing is different, the construction methods and tools are slightly different. The specific construction method.



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PU-24 One Component Polyurethane Wood Floor Adhesive

310 Milliliters
Color: ocher

    PROPERTY               PU-24


    Ocher, paste Uniform Sticky Liquid

    Cure mechanism

    Moisture curing

    Density (g/cm³)


    Tack Free Time (Hr)  (23°C and 50% r.h.)


    Curing at 23°C and 50% r.h.


    ≥ 3,0 mm/24h

    Tensile modulus  (DIN 53504)


    Hardness (Shore A)



    No Sag

    Elongation at Break  (%)


    Shrinkage %


    Extrusion rate (ml/min)


    Operation Temperature ( ℃)

    5-35 ℃

    Service Temperature ( ℃)

    -40~+80 ℃

    Shelf Life (Month)


    Note:All data above were tested under special condition (7 days after full cured).

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