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Odorless primerless windscreen adhesive system for direct glazing



PU1636 is a Primerless, Odorless one- component direct glazing adhesive. It is easy to apply with a manual or automatic gun and cures with atmospheric moisture. PU1636 provides a proper tack-free time and ensures a safe strength after curing even under cold temperatures.


PU1636 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 quality assurance system and with the responsible care program.


∎Key Features




●Excellent thixotropy, non-sag properties

●Fast adhesion to substrates

●Cold application

●One-component formulation

●Automotive OEM quality

●No oil permeated


∎Areas of Application

PU1636 is suitable for direct-glazing applications in the Automotive Glass Replacement business.


● This product is to be used by professional experienced users only. If this product is used for other applications than Automotive Glass Replacement, test with current substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.


∎Packing Specification

●Cartridge       310ml

●Sausage        400ml

●Sausage        600ml

●Pail/Drum      240kg

 20pcs per box , 2 boxes per Carton.


∎Direction for use

Tool: Manual or pneumatic plunger caulking gun

Cleaning: Clean and dry all surfaces by removing foreign matter and contaminants such as oil dust, grease, frost, water, dirt, old sealants and any protective coating.

For cartridge

1.Cut nozzle to give the required angle and bead size

2.Pierce the membrane at the top of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle

3.Place the cartridge in an applicator gun and squeeze the trigger with equal strength

For sausage

1.Clip the end of the sausage and place in barrel gun

2.Screw end cap and nozzle on to barrel gun

3.Using the trigger extrude the sealant with equal strength

Odorless primerless windscreen adhesive system for direct glazing

SKU: 1000000000
410 Grams
Color: Black


    Chemical base

    1-C polyurethane

    Colour (Appearance)


    Cure mechanism

    Moisture curing

    Density (g/cm³) (GB/T 13477.2)

    1.4g/cm³ approx.

    Non-sag properties(GB/T 13477.6)

    Very good

    Application temperature

    5°C to 35ºC

    Tack-free time1 (GB/T 13477.5)

    55 min approx.

    Open time1

    40 min approx.

    Curing speed (HG/T 4363)

    see diagram

    Shore A hardness (GB/T 531.1)

    50~60 approx.

    Tensile strength (GB/T 528)

    5 N/mm2 approx.

    Elongation at break (GB/T 528 )

    430% approx

    Tear propagation resistance (GB/T 529)

    8.0N/mm2  approx

    Extrudadbility (ml/min)


    Tensile-shear strength(MPa)GB/T 7124

    3.0 N/mm2  approx.

    Service temperature

    -40°C to 90ºC

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