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M3000 Synthetic Type Diesel Engine Oil

                                         API  CI-4  SAE 15W-40/20W-50   



This product is Synthetic technology-based heavy duty diesel engine oil, using advanced synthesis technology,with special additive repair formula and exquisite production technology, provide excellent fuel economy for a variety of vehicles,which can provide perfect engine protection under various driving conditions


Key Features

●Contains the latest antioxidant additives, which can prevent engine corrosion, reduce carbon deposits and sludge deposits, and make the engine cleaner.

●Specially added anti-wear and anti-friction materials, improve the extreme pressure and anti-friction properties of oil products, and reduce the wear of piston rings, cylinder liners, rolling followers and other components.

 Good anti-oxidation ability; effectively prolonged oil change cycle; saving energy.

●Good detergency and dispersion performance, effectively keeping the engine clean.

●Excellent high and low temperature performance and high shear stability to keep the engine in the best lubrication state.

●Extremely excellent anti-oxidation stability, long-lasting stable oil pressure, extending the oil change interval.

●The product complies with API CI-4, ACEA E7-08-/B3/A3, VDS-3, Mercedes benz 228.3/229.1.MAN3275, Cummins 20076/77/78, VOLVO VDS-3, MTU Type 2.


Areas of Application

Suitable for all kinds of diesel engines such as buses, trucks and construction machinery equipped with turbocharger, high pressure common rail cylinder direct injection or natural diesel engines.

Suitable for the oil demand for all electronically controlled EGR and high-pressure common rail CRS engines, and exceeds the oil demand for ordinary heavy-duty high-speed four-stroke naturally aspirated turbocharged diesel engines.

More Suitable for construction machinery and power equipment powered by the above-mentioned diesel engine.

Conformance with Eurasian IV, III, II and below engine emission requirements.


M3000 Synthetic Type Diesel Engine Oil

  • Testing Item



    Light yellow fluid

    Quality grade

    API CI-4

    Viscosity level


    The oil classification

    synthetic phenotype

    Packing category


    Shelf life


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