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One Component High Bonding 6 Mpa Auto Glass Polyurethane Adhesive   PU1611


PU1611 is one-component polyurethane adhesive with very good tensile strength and elasticity, primerless, can be used for Automotive and bus industry.


∎Key Features

High Viscosity




 Excellent thixotropy, non-sag properties

 Fast adhesion to substrates

 Paintable and polishable

 Excellent wear-resisting property

 Automotive OEM quality

 No oil permeated


∎Areas of Application

Specially used for the windshield and side glass of bus, car, railway vehicle (metro, high-speed rail), ship, spaceflight, engineering machinery vehicle, carriage and special vehicle

For glass steel and plastic accessories (car roof, side body and car front)

For bonding different material (such as metal, plastic, and glass) which requires high tensile strength and elasticity, the bonding can bear high mechanical deformation force


Curing DegreeGraph

PU1611 cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture. The curing speed lower at lower humidity or lower temperature.


Chemical Resistance

PU1611 is excellent resistant to fresh water, saltwater, sewage water and acids.

Temporarily resistant to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils.

Not resistant to organic acids and caustic solutions or solvents.

The above information is offered for general guidance only. For more professional questions, please consult MAXTECH service.

Packing Specification

●Cartridge       310ml

●Sausage        400ml

●Sausage        600ml

●Pail/Drum      240kg

 20pcs per box , 2 boxes per Carton.


Direction for use


Tool: Manual or pneumatic plunger caulking gun

Cleaning: Clean and dry all surfaces by removing foreign matter and contaminants such as oil dust, grease, frost, water, dirt, old sealants, and any protective coating.

For cartridge

1.Cut nozzle to give the required angle and bead size

2.Pierce the membrane at the top of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle

3.Place the cartridge in an applicator gun and squeeze the trigger with equal strength

For sausage

1.Clip the end of the sausage and place in barrel gun

2.Screw end cap and nozzle on to barrel gun

3.Using the trigger extrude the sealant with equal strength

One Component High Bonding 6 Mpa Auto Glass Polyurethane Adhesive PU1611

410 Grams


    Chemical base

    1-C polyurethane

    Colour (Appearance)


    Cure mechanism

    Moisture curing

    Density (g/cm³) (GB/T 13477.2)

    1.35±0.05kg/l approx.

    Non-sag properties(GB/T 13477.6)

    Very good

    Application temperature

    5°C to 35ºC

    Tack-free time1 (GB/T 13477.5)


    Open time1

    30 min approx.

    Curing speed (HG/T 4363)


    Shore A hardness (GB/T 531.1)

    60±5 approx.

    Tensile strength (GB/T 528)

    6 N/mm2 approx.

    Elongation at break (GB/T 528 )

    430% approx.

    Tear propagation resistance (GB/T 529)

    >4N/mm approx.

    Extrudadbility (ml/min)


    Tensile-shear strength(MPa)GB/T 7124

    3.5 N/mm2 approx.

    Safe Drive-Away Time1 (cars)                        with double side airbags

    2 h

    Service temperature

    -40°C to 90ºC

    Shelf life (storage below 25°C) (CQP 016-1)

    9 months

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