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Flexible Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Compound


Product Description

SI8230-3 is a two-component silicone based thermal conductive potting adhesive. It has a good fluidity after mixing, can vulcanize to a deep layer in room temperature. The operation time can be adjusted according to the temperature. Used to potting protection of varied heat dissipation and temperature resistance components. Fully compliant with RoHS and SVHC REACH standards.


Typical Applications

Used for encapsulation of various modules, automotive module, LED Power driver modules, Solar panel junction box, EV charging column module, Lithium battery pack, Capacitor banks, Magnetic induction coils, Power inverters, etc.


Key Features


Soft, low durometer

Low viscosity

Room temperature or accelerated  heat cure

Good thermal conductivity

Mix ratio 1 to 1

Low internal stress during thermal cycling

Highly flowable for filling small gaps and fast processing

Good heat dissipation

Prevents water ingress

Electrically insulative

Low total cost of ownership



Packing Specification

●SI8230-3, Drak Gray Silicone Potting SealantPart A 25kg/Drum


Transport &Storage

When stored at or below 35°C in the original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production. Sampling test is necessary for products which exceed shelf life before taking use. During storage may have little settlement stratification, stirring evenly when use, does not affect performance.

It’s non-dangerous goods, can be transported as normal chemicals, CAUTION leakage during transport.


.Directions for Use

  • Mixing uniformity in the packing before using, as there’s part of filler sedimentation happens during storage.

    Mix Part A and Part B by 1:1 mass ratio, after evenly mixed, pouring directly into the components or modules as per requirements. It’s recommended to slowly pour along the walls of the implements, so as to reduce the bubbles happens.

    Still the potted component to let out the bubbles. Can be cured by heat, about 30 minutes in 80°C. If cured under room temperature, about 4 hours.

  • Vacuum defoaming can improve the performance of cured product.
  • Seal the remaining products tightly after use.
  • Low temperature will slow the curing speed, overheating will lead to curing speed too fast. Keep the constant temperature in workshop is recommended.
  • It's hard for SI8230-3 to cure if contact with sulfur, amine, organotin and unsaturated hydrocarbon plasticizer. Common substances like rosin, natural rubber. For these should do test before application.

Flexible Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Compound



    Part A

    Part B


    Visual inspection

    Black viscous liquid

    Off-White viscous liquid

    Viscosity, cps , 25

    GB/T 10247-2008



    Density,,g/cm3, 25℃

    GB/T 15223-1994



    Mixture ratio

    Weight Ratio

    A:B = 100:100

    Viscosity of mixture,4#rotor,cps , 25℃

    GB/T 10247-2008


    Operation time,mins , 25℃

    GB/T 10247-2008


    Cure condition

    GB/T 10247-2008

    25℃/4 hr or 80℃/ 30mins

    Characteristics after curing

    Cured appearance

    Visual inspection

    Drak Gray to Black elastomer

    Hardness, Shore A

    GB/T 531-2008


    Thermal conductivity,W/mK

    GB/T 10297-1998


    Linear expansion,K-1,ppm

    HGT 2625-1994


    Dielectric strength ,kV/mm, 25℃

    GB/T 1695-2005


    Volume resistance,DC 500V, Ω·CM

    GB/T 1692-92


    Peel Adhesion to Aluminum,lbf/in

    GB/T 1693-2007


    Dielectric constant(1 MHz)

    GB/T 1693-2007


    Application temperature,  ℃

    GBT 20028-2005

    - 60 ∽ 250

    Flame resistance



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