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Blue Color Lithium BaseHigh Temperature Grease



This product has outstanding high-temperature resistance and certain extreme pressure performance.

The outstanding high-temperature properties enable this product to withstand the high temperature of the bearing caused by the more demanding long-slope braking and fast braking of the vehicle. A certain extreme pressure performance makes this product suitable for heavy-load transportation vehicles, superior high-temperature resistance, and strong Adhesion performance so that the grease will not be lost due to high temperature or fast running speed, so as to maintain good lubrication performance, extend the life of the bearing, which is nearly three times the life of the ordinary lithium-based grease, and further extend the grease change cycle.


Key Features

●Outstanding high temperature resistance and certain extreme pressure performance.

●It has good lubricity, mechanical safety, water resistance and oxidation stability.

●Excellent mechanical stability and oxidation stability, which can ensure a long grease change cycle.

Application temperature: -20℃~220℃

●Four seasons general 100,000 kilometers truck wheel hub high temperature grease

Areas of Application

Suitable for heavy-duty truck wheel hubs and heavy-duty transportation vehicle bearings.


Blue Color Lithium BaseHigh Temperature Grease

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    High Temperature Lubricating Grease

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