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PU-40 UV Resistance Weather proof  Construction Polyurethane Sealant


Product Description


PU-40 is a multi-purpose, UV resistant, non-sag, elastic, one-part silane-terminated polymer sealant, which cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. PU-40 is solvent and isocyanate free.


Key Features

1.UV resistance excellent aging, water and oil resistance, resist to puncture, moldiness Low modulus and high elasticity, good sealing and water-proof property

2.Moisture-cure, no cracking, no volume shrinkage after curing

3.Bonding well with many substrates, no corrosion and pollution to substrate

4. One component, convenient to apply, non poisonous and odor less after curing, green and environmental


Typical Applications

Sealing of expansion and settlement joint of house building, plaza, road, airport runway, anti- all, bridges and tunnels, building doors and windows etc

Sealing of upstream face crack of drainage pipeline, drains, reservoirs, sewage pipes, tanks, silos etc

Sealing of through holes on various wall and at floor concrete

Sealing of joints of prefab, side fascia, stone and color steel plate, epoxy floor etc.


Packing Specification

●Tube        310ml

●Sausage      600ml

●Pail/Drum     20kg/drum, 230kg/drum

20pcs per box; 20kg pail, 36 pails per pallet


Directions for Use

 Cleaning: The substrate surface must be solid, dry and be clean.Such as no dust, grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, water repellent, curing agent, isolating agent and film. Surface cleaning can be dealt with by removing, cutting, grinding, cleaning, blowing, and so on.

 Operation: Put the sealant into the operating tool,then injecting it into the gap.

 Reservation gap: The construction joint will expand as the temperature change,so the surface of the sealant should be lower than 2mm of the pavement after construction.

 About maintenance time: At the standard state, the maintenance time is about 5 hours. It depends on the actual construction conditions. The standard state is that the temperature is 23±2,and the humidity is 55 ± 5%RH.

 Operation Methods: Because the packing is different, the construction methods and tools are slightly different. The specific construction method.


Attention of operation

 Dont mix alcohol into the product, it will cause the product invalid. The tools with the alcohol cant be used before cleaning well.

 Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with your skin, scrub first with soap water or alcohol, then rinse with water. 

 It is forbidden to build on the surface of the wet substrate.

Transportation: Avoid damp, high temperature, isolation and rain, far away from heat, handle with care and prohibit extrusion collision.

 Tools Cleaning: It can be soaked in toluene or xylene. It is strictly forbidden to immerse in alcohol and other alcohol solvents.

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PU-40 UV Resistance Weather proof Construction Polyurethane Sealant

$2.65 Regular Price
$2.50Sale Price
1 Kilogram



    Black/Grey/White Paste

    Uniform Sticky Liquid

    Density (g/cm³)


    Tack Free Time (Hr)


    Tensile modulus(MPa)


    Hardness (Shore A)


    Curing Speed (mm/24h)

    3 ~ 5

    Elongation at Break  (%)


    Solid Content  (%)


    Operation Temperature ( ℃)

    5-35 ℃

    Service Temperature ( ℃)

    -40~+80 ℃

    Shelf Life (Month)



    Implementation of standards: JT/T589-2004


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