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MX500 Heavy load vehicle gear oil

                     API  GL-5 SAE 85W-90/85W-140   



This product is made of refined base oil compounded with multiple functional additives and blended with advanced technology.


Key Features

●Excellent viscosity characteristics to prevent oil oxidation and maintain the cleanliness of the differential.

●Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure lubrication capabilities, providing good protection for gears under low-speed/high-torque operating conditions.

●Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion function, effectively protect the gear surface from

abrasion and wear, and extend the life of gears and bearings.



Areas of Application

●Heavy load vehicle rear axle and main reducer

●Highway light and heavy trucks, passenger cars and box trucks

●Off-road applications such as construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture, etc.

●Other heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications, such as hyperboloid gear systems that operate under high-speed shock loads, high-speed low-torque, and low-speed high-torque conditions.

Lubrication of drive shafts (front and rear axles) and manual transmission gears of various vehicles and other equipment requiring the use of GL-5 gear oil 


MX500 Heavy load vehicle gear oil

  • Testing Item



    Light yellow fluid

    Quality grade


    Viscosity level


    The oil classification

    synthetic phenotype

    Packing category


    Shelf life


  • ●4L/pot

    ●16L/18L/ Drum


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