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S900 Fully synthetic Gasoline engine oil  SN

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: (Fully) Total synthesis

Viscosity level: 0W-40   0W-30     0W-20

Quality grade: SN

Packing category: 1L、4L 

Fully synthetic Gasoline engine oil  SN


●This product is formulated with the world's most advanced fully synthetic base oil and imported high-performance compound additives. Meet the oil demand of all high-performance gasoline engines.


∎Key Features

●Excellent low temperature starts the performance, make the engine cold start close to zero wear, greatly extending the service life of the engine.

●Excellent cleaning and dispersion performance, no carbon deposits and sludge are generated, keeping the engine clean for a long time.

●Good lubrication performance, and excellent high and low-temperature adaptability, to ensure efficient engine power output, and effectively reduce fuel consumption.

●High-shear, high-temperature protection can ensure that the oil will not be thermally degraded at high temperatures and prolong the service life of the oil.

●Meet the high-end requirements of the latest RPM environmental reliability measurement.


∎Areas of Application

●Suitable for all high-performance gasoline engines, suitable for all kinds of racing cars, sports vehicles, luxury cars and station wagons operating in any environment.

●Suitable for naturally aspirated gasoline engines and turbocharged engines. It is recommended for premium sedans, luxury sports cars, and sports off-road SUV models equipped with high-performance gasoline engines.

●Applicable models: BMW 7 Series, M, X6, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Land Rover, Audi A8, TT, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and other models.

∎Packing Specification


●1L/Pot, 12Pots per Carton

●4L/Pot,   6Pots per Carton


1LX12  4LX6

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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