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Maxtech PU1630A  Automotive Sealants and Adhesives Series – Quick Cure Black PU Urethane Adhesive Sealant For Automotive Car Windscreen/Windshield


● PU1630A is one component quick cure polyurethane adhesive with very good tensile strength and elasticity, primerless. The car can be driven away with safety for 2-3hours.

PU1630A provides a fast tack-free time and ensures a safe strength after curing even under cold temperature. We formulated this adhesive with high viscosity for accurate placement and high bond strength to meet a variety of application strength requirements. This urethane adhesive is ideal for those applications that require a fast cure and stronghold, such as windshield bonding, Bus glass bonding, trucks glass bonding,  It is suitable for sealing all types of glass windows in the automotive industry.

∎Key Features


●High Viscosity




●Excellent thixotropy, non-sag properties

●Fast adhesion to substrates

●Cold application

●One-component formulation

●Automotive OEM quality

●No oil permeated

●Safe drive away time in as little as 2 hours when used on vehicles with airbag

●Modest hardness after curing

●Flexible, durable and excellent extrudability​​

●No sagging, no pollution and corrosion to base material and environment

●Excellent sealing performance, excellent water and aging resistance

●High bond strength is capable of meeting many application strength requirements

∎Areas of Application

● PU1630A is suitable for direct-glazing applications in the Heavy Automotive Glass Replacement business & Bus Glass Changing


● Specially used for the windshield and side glass of bus, car, railway vehicle (metro, high-speed rail), ship, spaceflight, engineering machinery vehicle, carriage and other vehicles;

● Used in 4s shop for high-end cars and special vehicles, very popular.

● Bonding of the front, rear and side screens to the body of automotive vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, tractors and special vehicles.