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S700 Synthetic gasoline engine oil  SN

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: Synthesis

Viscosity level: 10W-40/10W-30

Quality grade: SN

Packing category: 1L、4L 

Synthetic gasoline engine oil SN


●This product is made of refined base oil, added with multi-performance compound additives, and formulated by synthetic technology. It has excellent anti-wear protection performance, engine cleanliness performance and high temperature protection performance to keep the engine in its best condition.



∎Key Features

●Extend engine life and improve engine power.

●Excellent engine cold start performance, which can minimize friction and wear during start.

●High shear and high temperature protection can ensure that the oil will not be thermally degraded at high temperature and extend the service life of the oil.

●Meet the requirements of American Petroleum Institute API SN/CF, Mercedes-Benz MB 229.5, BMW Longlife-01, Audi VW502.00/505.00.


∎Areas of Application

●Suitable for new high-performance vehicles equipped with fuel injection, multiple valves, turbochargers and general supercharging devices that operate under harsh working conditions.

●Applicable models: Volkswagen, Toyota, Peugeot, GM, Ford, Citroen and other cars and light trucks.

∎Packing Specification


●1L/Pot, 12Pots per Carton

●4L/Pot,   6Pots per Carton


1LX12  4LX6

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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