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M9000 Fully Synthetic Type Diesel Engine Oil CK-4

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: (Fully) Total synthesis

Viscosity level:10W-40   15W-50    

Quality grade: CK-4


100,000 km Oil change

Packing category: 4L、18L 



●This product is developed for high-performance diesel engines that adopt the latest environmental technology in the world. It is blended with ester fully synthetic base oil and imported high-performance compound additives.


∎Key Features

●The oil contains a new generation of friction modifiers, which make the oil have excellent anti-wear performance and effectively extend the service life of the engine.

●Low sulfur and phosphorus content to prevent clogging of the particulate filter and carbon deposition on the piston, reduce emissions and protect the environment.

●Excellent low-temperature starting performance and high-temperature viscosity control performance, so that the engine can get good anti-wear protection no matter what working conditions.

●Excellent anti-oxidation performance and fuel economy, effectively prolonging the oil change interval (up to 100,000 kilometers) and reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.


∎Areas of Application

●It can provide comprehensive and long-lasting lubrication protection for National VI engines.

●Suitable for high-performance diesel engines with the latest engine technology and low-emission design, including diesel engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system or with particulate trap (DPF) and selective catalytic converter (SCR) aftertreatment system

●Suitable for diesel engines of road vehicles and construction vehicles that meet Euro V emission standards.

∎Packing Specification



●16L/18L/ Drum


  4L X 6 One Container

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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