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Semifluid lubrication grease MG200


●This product is made by the refined mineral oil of the hydroxy fatty acid lithium soap bodying and anti-wear reagent at extreme pressure through high-temperature saponification. It belongs to the semifluid lubrication grease.


∎Key Features

 ●It has extreme pressure antiwear property, mechanical stability, anti-corrosion performance and water-resistant performance 

●Excellent mechanical stability is not softened nor lost under the effect of strong mechanical shearing 

●Excellent water-resistance endows it with good lubricity even if there is water 

●Application temperature: -20℃-120℃ 


∎Areas of Application

●This product is suitable for the mechanical grease such as wheel gear, reduction gear and concrete pump .

∎Packing Specification


●16L/18L/ Drum


Lubricating oil For vehicles

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