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M7000 Fully Synthetic Type Diesel Engine Oil CJ-4

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: (Fully) Total synthesis

Viscosity level:15W-40   20W-50    

Quality grade: CJ-4


60,000 km Oil change

Packing category: 4L、18L 



●This product is Synthetic technology-based heavy duty diesel engine oil, using advanced synthesis technology,with special additive repair formula and exquisite production technology, provide excellent fuel economy for a variety of vehicles,which can provide perfect engine protection under various driving conditions



∎Key Features

●Excellent detergency and dispersion and oxidation stability, effectively control the thickening of engine oil caused by high temperature and high speed, control the abrasion and sludge caused by soot, and prolong the service life of oil.

●Special anti-wear and anti-friction substances are added to make the oil have a super oil film, super anti-wear characteristics, and reduce the wear of piston rings, cylinder liners, rolling followers and other components.

●It can adapt to a wider working range and keep the best lubrication state of the engine for a long time.

●The product complies with API CJ-4, ACEA E9-08, VDS-4, MB 228.31, MAN 327S, MTU 2.1, DOC 93K218, Mack E0-M Premium Plus, RLD-3, Cummins 20081, Cat ECF3, ECF-Ia, etc. requirements.

●The product meets/exceeds the lubrication requirements of all engines above the Euro IV emission standard and the new low-sulfur diesel ULSD engine.


∎Areas of Application

●Recommended to be used in electronically controlled high-power turbocharged diesel engines equipped with exhaust gas treatment devices.

●Suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty and long-time driving of various types of buses and heavy trucks such as new low-carbon diesel engines and turbocharged engines.

∎Packing Specification



●16L/18L/ Drum


  4L X 6 One Container

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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