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M3000 Synthetic Type Diesel Engine Oil CI-4

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: Synthesis

Viscosity level:15W-40   20W-50    

Quality grade: CI-4

Packing category: 4L、18L 



●This product is Synthetic technology-based heavy duty diesel engine oil, using advanced synthesis technology,with special additive repair formula and exquisite production technology, provide excellent fuel economy for a variety of vehicles,which can provide perfect engine protection under various driving conditions


∎Key Features

●Contains the latest antioxidant additives, which can prevent engine corrosion, reduce carbon deposits and sludge deposits, and make the engine cleaner.

●Specially added anti-wear and anti-friction materials, improve the extreme pressure and anti-friction properties of oil products, and reduce the wear of piston rings, cylinder liners, rolling followers and other components.

● Good anti-oxidation ability; effectively prolonged oil change cycle; saving energy.

●Good detergency and dispersion performance, effectively keeping the engine clean.

●Excellent high and low temperature performance and high shear stability to keep the engine in the best lubrication state.

●Extremely excellent anti-oxidation stability, long-lasting stable oil pressure, extending the oil change interval.

●The product complies with API CI-4, ACEA E7-08-/B3/A3, VDS-3, Mercedes benz 228.3/229.1.MAN3275, Cummins 20076/77/78, VOLVO VDS-3, MTU Type 2.


∎Areas of Application

●Suitable for all kinds of diesel engines such as buses, trucks and construction machinery equipped with turbocharger, high pressure common rail cylinder direct injection or natural diesel engines.

●Suitable for the oil demand for all electronically controlled EGR and high-pressure common rail CRS engines, and exceeds the oil demand for ordinary heavy-duty high-speed four-stroke naturally aspirated turbocharged diesel engines.

●More Suitable for construction machinery and power equipment powered by the above-mentioned diesel engine.

Conformance with Eurasian IV, III, II and below engine emission requirements.

∎Packing Specification



●16L/18L/ Drum


  4L X 6 One Container

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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