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M1000 Anti-wear Pressurization Diesel Engine Oil CF-4

Gasoline engine oil quality grade: Synthesis

Viscosity level:15W-40   20W-50    

Quality grade: CF-4

Packing category: 4L、18L 



● M1000 Anti-wear pressurization diesel engine oil is blended with high-performance base oil and multi-performance compound additives. which can provide perfect engine protection under various driving conditions 

∎Key Features

● Excellent anti-wear performance, effectively reducing the wear between moving parts and maximizing the working life of the parts.

● Good high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance, which maximize the service life of oil.

● Excellent detergency and dispersion performance to prevent the formation of carbon deposits and sludge.

● The imported additive formula effectively reduces oil consumption.

● Good material compatibility to prevent leakage

● Good alkali value retention, strong corrosion-resistance, and excellent oxidation resistance under high temperature and high load conditions.

∎Areas of Application

●Suitable for turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines requiring CF-4 (including CE, CD, and CC) grade diesel engine oil.

●Suitable for large container transport vehicles, heavy-duty trucks traveling on highways, bulldozers, excavators, mining equipment, generator sets, etc. that operate under various harsh working conditions.

∎Packing Specification



●16L/18L/ Drum


  4L X 6 One Container

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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