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L-HM Long Life Excavator Special Oil 46#   48#

L-HM 挖掘机专用油.jpg

∎Key Features

●Excellent anti-wear performance, through a variety of hydraulic pump tests,

effectively extending the operating life of the pump and system.

●Excellent filterability, which can minimize filter clogging.

●Excellent oxidation stability, longer oil life.

●Excellent rubber adaptability, effectively protect the sealing material and prevent leakage.

●Good water separation performance, make oil and water separate quickly, avoid oil emulsification.

●Good air release and anti-foaming properties.

●Good viscosity-temperature performance and good shear stability, providing effective lubrication protection at high temperatures.

●Products meet: GB 11118.1, ISO 11158 (L-HM), Parker-Denison HF-0, Eaton-Vickers, Cincinnati P68, P70, P69 and other technical specifications.


∎Areas of Application

●It is especially recommended to use large and medium-sized construction machinery and vehicles, such as excavators, cranes, loaders, etc., suitable for XCMG, XCMG, Liugong, Sany, Komatsu, Carter Hyundai and other brands of construction machinery and vehicle equipment.

●This product is suitable for low, medium and high hydraulic systems of hydraulic equipment such as engineering, construction, mining, metallurgy, plastic processing, etc. It is especially suitable for high-speed, high-pressure and imported equipment hydraulic systems that require oil cleanliness.

●It is suitable for high pressure hydraulic system and precision machine tool of all kinds of industrial equipment such as plastic processing.

∎Packing Specification


●16L/18L/ Drum



●This product is blended with imported refined base oil and imported compound additives.

Lubricating oil For vehicles

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