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Maxtech PU1731  Chemical Polyurethane Adhesive Car Window Glass Repair Glue/Windshield Repair



●PU1731 is a one-part room temperature curing polyurethane with high peel strength,

good elasticity, aging resistant, vibration exhaustion resistant, low temperature

resistant and multi-coatings paintable and easy application properties.

It is one Component, Moisture Curing Polyurethane Based Multipurpose PU Adhesive  Sealant For Auto Windscreen, & direct glazing in Automotive Glass Replacement. Maxtech PU1731 is  A Black Auto Glass Sealant (Primerless) Windscreen Replacement Polyurethane Sealant glue.

∎Key Features

●No Sagging


●Excellent thixotropy, non-sag properties

●Fast adhesion to substrates

●Cold application

●One-component formulation

●No oil permeated

●Paintable, abrasion able

●Convenient to apply

●Good aging resistance and weather resistance

High mechanical performance

High Modulus

● High initial bond strength

∎Areas of Application

● PU1731 It is designed for maintenance and sealing for auto windows, it also is used for the direction for auto windshield glass, Windshield Bonding and Car Body Repair, Car window bonding . It is especially useful in bonding windshield glass into automotive frames